Five things on the list to do during quarratined

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do for you

Well, during these awful lockdown, many of us struggle to get our feet out of our house and eager to go outside and play. This has been a struggle for all of us. But think on the bright side, since we can stay at home doing nothitng, how a bout we move our ass off and do something more interesting and meningful. Of course, the five things on the list that I’m about to mention is not just gaining knowledge or some boring things, we can do something more interesting and fun too.

  1. Read Manga Books for the whole quarrantined

Yes, you are not seeing wrong here, reading manga books really can help you burn your day off by doing nothing while have something to do and also gain some knowledge. Well the type of the books that I’m talking about is not just pure fighthing or some slice of life but have some educational sense in it, these are my some list of manga recommendations.

  1. Play games with friends and family

“There come a time, when you hear a sudden call”, when you have a chance to play games…….Playing games with family and friends is a awesome things to do in quarrantined no matter you have a great WiFi or your WiFi router is broken. you can play a lot of fun games which you can’t have the time to spend with your family and friends. Some of the games can be use as adult games if you can use it in different ways, what can I say, human are full of interesting thoughts

  • Poker Cards– There are tons of ways to play this kind of game, if you still don’t know what kind of game you should play with these cards, check on this video you can know a lot
  • Monopoly – This game is not as simple as it is, the game can be play with real cash, IF YOU DARE……..
  1. Build your green fingers skills.

This can be apply in everywhere no matter you are in apartment or in rental houses, having some plants to grow in your house can help you reduce your food expenses because you can support yourself by eating your own plants, talking about supporting yourself, nowadays people are struggling to have a proper jobs because of the lockdown, their income are reducing very fast. So planting some vegetables will help reduce some expenses on food. These are the plants that you can grow indoors.

  1. Makeover your room

Now that you got time to do all the things you can, but you don’t know what are the things you should do. It is a great chance for you to change your room into a big makeover, optimize your room and redecorate everything for your room so that you can have a more nice environment.

  1. Join Community

Now all the physical things that I have mentioned had been done and now lets dive into the Internet world. Inside the networld, there are a lot of things you can do to make your quarrantined useful and one of the things are joining the community. There are a lot of community out there waiting for you to join and make some new friends. Reddit and Quora are the most popular for community to join, of course, you can join Discord too but you’ll have to find the public server yourself as the discord server will not come out for you.

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