Three things to buy before you start college

So it seems like you have started a college life and don’t have any idea on what to prepare for starting college, these are the five things you should buy before you start college, of course if you have already started college also can follow this article.

  1. Buy a Laptop

As a student you should have a laptop for school, a laptop is a must for all of the student and choosing a suitable laptop can be very convinient for the students. Of course, there are some type of laptop suitable for specific students. ( tap on the link to find out more)

Gaming Laptop– this kind of laptop is suitable for student that are taking design courses or acturial science course, because gaming laptop have high power processor and can support them do their assignment smoothly, these kind of student can target these type of brands:

Laptop for Business– As a business student it’s not suitable for having a big and heavy laptop in school, or if you have a very strong kind of a willpower that you also want to have a big muscle, this laptop is very convienience and you can write on it too.

  1. Backpack is also very Essential

Of course you won’t taking a big laptop and wondering the whole college, that will be a lot of burden for you and in this era of fashion you students must be very pay attention on the bag that you are choosing. Fear not, these bag are very suitable for student and it is up to trend.

Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack– This kind of bag is very suitable for most student in college to use as the bag is very lightweight and it’s has an awesome looking design, the design is not going to out of the date for at least few year until you grauduate.

BAGGU Large Sport Backpack– For those reader who are in more of a sport type or like to put all their gadgets in one hole, this bag can be your life saver. You can even put extra clothes in it.

Laptop Business Portfolio– There are ways for you to look good on, you also can be a gentleman and if you study business course, this bag is the one of the kind, most suitable for Businessman.

  1. Recorders

Having a recorders in class can save you tons of your time figuring out what are the lecturers are talking, when you are using a recorder, you can revise what your lecturer are talking over and over, and all you can even decipher that the lecturer might said some point for the exam. Now you will be asking, why am I asking you buy recorder when you can just use your phone instead………well it depends, if your phone is a battery draining vampire, the battery died faster than a normal phone but you have not enough budget to buy a new phone, I mean who will want to buy a new phone just for record? A recorder is a wonderful choice for you and it is not as expensive as the price of the phone. You can click this link Digital Voice Recorder to buy the recorder that I’ve mentioned.

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