Five Concept on playing Minecraft

Minecraft is a very fun sandbox game for people in all ages, some of the people play it in Creative Mode just to build some extraordinary design or Survival Mode to explore the world of Minecraft, but many of people realize that playing MInecraft can be very boring if they have no idea or goals on what to do in that sandbox and started to quit Minecraft. If you are new to Minecraft, I will show you Five Concept on Playing Minecraft and you won’t feel boring for a long time. Click The link below to buy the Product.

  1. Join Servers

Joining Servers is a whole new level if you are playing alone and there are a lot of servers waiting for you to enter, there are several types of servers such as Skyblock, PVE, PVP, Hunger Games, Pixelmon, GTA mode and much much more!!! You can find the servers by going to the website there are tons of choices for you to choose, I recommend you choose the best one, because the best one have the most people in it.

  1. Download Mod Pack and Resources Pack

Have you ever thought that you have been playing the same old texture pack and the villagers, mobs all are very boring? Having a Mod Pack and Resources Pack can let you find a whole new experience on playing Minecraft, you can even play the quest inside the mod, the mobs there are very different and some of them are even better looking from the original ones. Here’s the link I’ll suggest you go and find the one that you desire the most.

  1. Do research on the mystery of redstones

So you played Minecraft for a long time and you feel bored that the design you’ve built have nothing to correct, because it’s too perfect. Now I want you to imagine that now you are inside your designed room and you found out that everything you have done is perfect but you got one more thing that is bothering you, and that is you have to do everything yourself………that is very frustrating, you are living in an era of automated lifestyle, everything you do the machine will help you do your job done. So why don’t put the automated system inside your Minecraft world? Redstone is a very powerful yet very complicated things if you want to make your desire door open itself. If you feel dumb to build it yourself, here’s the link for you to check on, he is a youtuber who are expert in making these redstones crafting style, be free to check on him.


Now you have played the peaceful mode just to make your own design, a normal mode for testing whether your design is mob proof, it is time to enter hardcore mode!!! Hardcore Mode is a mode that you have to play the game in extreme cautious and your life point is very weak, you can die by just falling. You can change your Difficulty to Hardcore Mode after you’ve done your whole fortress or you can just march into the world with nothing if you have the guts to survive three months……..

  1. LAN mode PVP

LAN mode in Minecraft is a gift for those who want to play local with their friends but don’t want to have someone else interupt their moment. A lot of people using LAN mode to play together and build thing together, kill animals together, conquer pillagers together………in the end, thing will get bored if everything had been played for a long time. Now think of it, instead of doing things together, why not having a battle between each others? The players just have to build their own fortress for defend themselves and after built then let’s START THE WAR!!!!!! each players can set rules for the games and when the battle start just change the mode by typing ( /gamemode survival ) with this, the war will be more challenging and fun.

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