Five things to BUY and customize your shirt during quarantine

It is very boring at home and have nothing to do nowadays and the era of e-commerce have been immersed a lot, and you have a lot of shirt in your house got nothing to do and just staring in front of your wardrobe. Instead of staring at the wardrobe doing nothing, why don’t you customize and help your clothes do a big make-up if the clothes you make is wonderful, you can even sell it ONLINE.

Covid is coming……. DUCK !!!!! This shirt is good looking for the design. you can try and buy the shirt, well I can promise you that this shirt is god damn beautiful. You should see the design behind, I won’t let you see here, because spoiler alert.

Click the image to purchase the product.

Who wants to buy a new shirt when you can make your own at home. Just take whatever shirt you have in your house and dye with the colours that you prefer. If you don’t know how to dye, it’s okay we’ve got you covered. Just watch this video clip here in this link to learn how to dye.

Click the image to purchase the product.

So let’s just say tie dye is not your style, so I suggest you go for painting the shirt yourself. Pfft….. I mean we are all born as natural artist and whatever we draw is always good looking for ourselves. If you think the painting is ugly, fear not use it as a pyjamas.

Click the image to purchase the product.

” Hey, tie dye and painting is just too easy, do you have anymore challenge for me, this MCO have been making me CrAzY!!”. Okay, be chill my friend, if doing by using brush is too easy, then how about embroid the shirt yourself and design the shirt yourself, this is hard enough for you I think.

Click the image to purchase the product.

If you are too professional and don’t want any colours inside your shirt, I suggest you cut your shirt. Although it sounds stupid and no brain, there are artist who design the shirt by cutting it. Oh one more thing to mention, to cut the shirt you have to use the tailor scissors, because normal scissor will just destroy your shirt COMPLETELY.

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