Paid Games that will last you long enough in this quarrantine

Quarrantine…..quarrantine…..QUARRANTINE!!!!!!! It is been two months or even more since we have been sitting our butt on the couch doing nothing and cannot go out to play or having other people to play with because we have to have SoCial DistAncing…… Playing games will be your last resort for this quarrantine madness, but what kind of games that you can play in order to last long enough and help you go through this quarrantine.

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Pokemon!! Gotta cath em all!! Yes playing Pokemon can help you go through quarrantine, because inside Pokemon world is not just go through the story but to enjoy the minigames inside the Pokemon World, you can even have your friends and family battle together with the WiFi link battle system, this game can definitely help you go through the quarrantine.

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Who can stand the cuteness of the animation having inside Animal Crossing, I mean no one can stay there just for experience the gameplay, they will have to stay inside the game for a long long time as it their soul have been suck inisde the world.

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Ahhh….. Zelda…..the game that will never tired you of by playing it for whole day even for whole months and years. the map inside the game is huge and basically what you saw in you very own eyes in the game you are able to reach there.

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This is the game that can be played for a very long time, The Witcher have a VERY very very very big and wide map in the game, inside the game also have a lot of side quest and the side quest you done can affect the ending.

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Here you are, if you think that those games doesn’t suits you at all, these are the gift card that you can buy from here you can use these gift card to buy games yourself, try can find your own favourite game.

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