How to talk with a girl

A lot of mens have struggle of having a good conversations with girls. Yes, girls can be very headache when you want to have a conversation but you got nothing to say and want to have a longer conversations. Well fear not, here are some tips and tricks that will help you talk with girls and have a longer conversations.

Don’t ask questions for her like asking her background history.

Hold up…… are u a cop or some father, why are you asking so many question about her ? I know you are curious and want to get to know her more, but asking too many questions will make her dislike you more and more so that the whole conversations will end in just for a second.

Wrong example:

Male: Hi, how are you

Female: I’m fine thank you.

Male: Where do you live?

Male: How old are you?

Male: Are you working?

Male: what do you like to eat?

Female: ( *offline*)

Now, I know that a lot of people will think that, now that I can’t ask her anything, then what should I do? I got nothing to say to her also. Tsk….Tsk….Tsk….you must be very wrong my man, how could you do this to a girl, to have a conversation with a girl first you must ask something without asking any question, you can start with some creative topic.


If the female loves anime

Male: Narutooooooooooooooo!

Female: Sasukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

( from that moment, you can keep talking anime with her for a very long time already)

If you have no idea what the female likes

Male: Hi, I wonder where are you from…….Ahhhh, you are from the heaven !!

Female: Yes, I have descend from the heaven.

Male: Well, that’s just nice, I’m from the hell. I’ve come here to find some angel and drag her to my side.

Female: Oh no~

( See, use some role play can help with the conversation too)

Do not keep changing topics, it will drain your brain very quick

Have you ever notice something? when you talk with somebody out of the sudden you’ve change from topic to topic without even noticing, but the whole conversation is very fun because you guys is in the mood of talking with each other. But when it comes to talking with strangers, you guys haven’t yet knwon with each others so the topic will be done very quick. Try to find some topics that you guys have in common, don’t end it so quickly. Here are some topics that you and her can share about and talk more:

  1. Daily life
  2. Exchange hobby
  3. Some movies that you guys have watch before
  4. Work
  5. School life
  6. Family

With these topics if you still not going to make it longer the conversation…………. I can’t help you more with this already.

In conclusion,

actually talk with a girls is not about finding topics and all, it sounds like you want some format for the correct answer. Look, there is no correct answers in having a conversations with girls. All you have to do is just let your brain relax and just normal talk.

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