How to become a social media marketer

Nowadays, a lot of people have sick of doing jobs from 9 to 5 which is very boring and the job do not even give us any time for rest or having some quality time with our family, some even can’t find their soul partner because of the hustling for job. But due to the new technology coming right up, a lot of people start using computer and a lot of ads coming through the website in order to attract a lot of customer to their places. These kind of technicians is called as the Social Media Marketer.

How to become one?

Becoming a social media marketer first of all you need to have a knowledge on some big social media app like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more. Let’s take Facebook for a second. Facebook is the largest social media app that almost all of the population in the world using the app. Inside Facebook, facebook have come out of system call facebook ads which is for business that want to do advertising to attract customer to their place.

There’s actually no specific kind of ways that you want to tell someone that you are a social media marketer. If you know how to use the social media you basically is a social media marketer.

How to get your first customer

This is the one that most of the people strive to know because even though you know how to use social media, you can’t even make a cent if you don’t have any client in your hand. To find customer the first and foremost things that you need to have is to have a testimonials from customer. Now there is a question coming right up after I wrote that is ” How am I going to have my testimonials when I don’t even have a single customer?”. This is a typical example of eggs and chicken which one comes first.

Well, to have your first customer you have to do is giving them free services. Yes, FREE SERVICES, who wouldn’t like free services. You can give customer a free social media marketing ads for free for about a week or so so that after a week you will get the testimonials from the customer. See? with just giving your first free service for your client you can get a testimonials and also if your client thinks that your service help them a lot, they will try to invite their friends or family to come and try your service, with this you can have client without any advertising yourself, this is even more better.

How to interact with your client

A lot of you must have found a lot of website that only teaches you how to find customer only, but they didn’t teach you one thing that is very important and that is how to interact with the customer……..

So at first, when you find your customer you can try approach them and try to tell them that you are in a digital marketing comapny that you have just made and youa re interest in their website. Here I will give you an example for you to tell your client.


Hi, I run a digital marketing company. I’ve seen your website and I think that I can help you to get more profitable customer to your site and I’m just starting out my digital marketing company, so I will be willing to do it completely for free and I will not charge you a single cent from my time and I will just birng you a bunch of brand new profitable customer. Hope you can agree with me and we will proceed to the next discussion.

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