How to become a social media marketer

Nowadays, a lot of people have sick of doing jobs from 9 to 5 which is very boring and the job do not even give us any time for rest or having some quality time with our family, some even can’t find their soul partner because of the hustling for job. But due to theContinue reading “How to become a social media marketer”

How to talk with a girl

A lot of mens have struggle of having a good conversations with girls. Yes, girls can be very headache when you want to have a conversation but you got nothing to say and want to have a longer conversations. Well fear not, here are some tips and tricks that will help you talk with girlsContinue reading “How to talk with a girl”

Motivation in Organization Behavior

1.0 Background Organization Behavior is a research for the individuals or groups and organizations for the purpose to improve an organization effectiveness. Organization Behavior is a way for company to improve their interpersonal skills, developing managers had to have interpersonal skills to attract and keep high performances employees, highly efficient and skills employees has becomeContinue reading “Motivation in Organization Behavior”

Five things to BUY and customize your shirt during quarantine

It is very boring at home and have nothing to do nowadays and the era of e-commerce have been immersed a lot, and you have a lot of shirt in your house got nothing to do and just staring in front of your wardrobe. Instead of staring at the wardrobe doing nothing, why don’t youContinue reading “Five things to BUY and customize your shirt during quarantine”

Ideas on getting attention when walking in the rain

I’ts Raining!!!! Some says raining is the pouring tear from god, god is crying and the tears running towards the earth and he doesn’t able to catch the tears and then come to us. It is a blessing or it is a curse it depends on each on everyone’s perspectives. Now let’s come into theContinue reading “Ideas on getting attention when walking in the rain”

Five Ideas on How you should fully use fiverr do work for you

Fiverr is a website who give service to people who are in need with just a specific a mount of money, a lot of people are using fiverr by helping them do their advetising, help them with their instagram pages or even help them with their gaming skills. Gaming It is time to upgrade yourContinue reading “Five Ideas on How you should fully use fiverr do work for you”

Three things to buy before you start college

So it seems like you have started a college life and don’t have any idea on what to prepare for starting college, these are the five things you should buy before you start college, of course if you have already started college also can follow this article. Buy a Laptop As a student you shouldContinue reading “Three things to buy before you start college”

Five things on the list to do during quarratined

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do for you Well, during these awful lockdown, many of us struggle to get our feet out of our house and eager to go outside and play. This has been a struggle for all of us. But think on the bright side, since we can stayContinue reading “Five things on the list to do during quarratined”